Anti-Money Laundering Services

In order to preserve the integrity of the financial marketplace, Switzerland maintains some of the most rigorous anti-money-laundering regulations in the world.

The cornerstone of the anti-money-laundering measures in Switzerland is formed by the Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering in the Financial Sector (Money Laundering Act, MLA) and the implementing regulations relating to it.

These rules and regulations apply not only to banks and securities dealers. Lawyers, trustees, fund managers, hoteliers, dealers in raw materials, exchange offices and other persons or companies active in the financial market may qualify as financial intermediaries, especially if they professionally assume or retain external assets, or assist in investing or transferring such assets.

To obtain a license for their operations, financial intermediaries must join one of the so-called self-regulating organisations (SRO) or subject themselves to the Money Laundering Control Authority. Financial intermediaries who operate without a licence risk both substantial penalties and significant damage to their reputations.

Our anti-money laundering services help you to organise and run your business in compliance with the latest legislation. We also provide assistance in evaluating the appropriate self-regulating organisation, in obtaining the required license and in ensuring compliance by you with the respective regulatory regime which you are subject to.

You may choose from the following services: